Wednesday, 16 May 2012


In the year 2010 we started our First circle of 70,000 counts of Zikir KALIMAH Najjat of Kubur and KALIMAH Najjat Minnal Azabil Nar [ Escape from the Hellfire] and Kalimah Escape from Punshiment of grave [ alamul barzakh], at the house of a lady who is the sister in law of Haji Mohd Ibrahim Zeffi at Taman Ampang.

It was wonderful experience although the tahfiz choldren who were invited were not
used to such long Zikir session that consumed more than 1.45 minutes , this shows how much syaitan has controlled our hearts making us lazy not to remember Almighty Allah.
Syaitan would not mind you read Al Quran , Pray a Million rakaats , do fasting almost everyday for the rest of life , but he would not ever allow or permit you to make Zikir of Allah and learn the Ilmu that leads you to know Allah SWT.

Syaitan would make every reasons and excuses not to make you to remember Almighty.

Another beautiful session we had was at Pahang , Pekan at the House of late Almarhum
Tengku Ibrahim a good friend of Hj Ibrahim Zeffi.This was one of the powerful zikir
session we all has ever enjoyed in our life and still the record of this Zikir runs almost everyday in the houses of our jemaah.

Hundreds of beautiful smells which we believe are the visitation of the deceased from their dwelling centers.Their dwellings are the windows to the paradise.

Last session was at Templer Saujana on 14th May 2012 at magrib after the solat.The session was attended by handful of jemaah yet the voices were to be counted like almost fifty of us , this is the participation of the spiritual souls and visitors and also the presence of the angels which are clearly mentioned in Hadiths.

70,000 Zikir of LA ILAHA ILLALLAH is one of the most powerful , blissful, blessede gift that we could ever donate to our beloved parents, friends , relatives , sheikhs , gurus and all of the Prophets and Messegers and Companions who we value mcuh for giving us Islam. And msot of All to Our Holy prophet SAW.

We are intending to do 1 Million Zikir of LA ILAHA ILLALLAH during one of our sessions in Pulau Besar melaka at the Holy Maqam of Sultanul Arifin. Why do we say Holy, because if you have an internal eyes do kindly see the paradise underneath as was has been told to us by the Holy Prophet SAW.

With just a count of 10,000 Kalimah A Day by 70 of our jemmah we could achieve Ten Million Zikir - 1,000,000 easily. 10,000 X 70 = 700,000 total in a day and 700,000 X 30 days =

Each of us make a Zikir  of                          =       10,000  zikir LA ILAHA ILLALLAH
70 of us making this zikir X 10,000                =     700,000  zikir a day total zikir
700,000 Counts a day for 30 days                  = 21,000,000

By Al Faqir IllAllah Dr Shaykh Ismail Bin Kassim.


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