Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Power of Almighty

DO you wish to ponder about the power of Almighty working within your bodily system?. Look at the way trillions of cells are being replaced from dead cells to new rejuvenated cells , from old life to a new life.
Breaths renewing your life every seconds.

DO you know how much pressures are required to run your blood from the lungs to the entire body every moment of your life?.Do you know the value of the Oxygen that you breathe?.

Will you exchange your single breath to obtain 1,000 Metric tonnes of Gold placed right under your nose?.What is the use of the 1,000 mteric Tonnes of Gold bars to such dead body without a life?.

Ponder oh mankind, before you find yourelf standing before your Almighty Lord very and indeed very soon, without a doubt.This life is like a dream.Passing through the life with full of challenges and boredoom even if you are rich man and belongs to the club of Rich and Famous yet your life will be empty , or diseased or full of discontentment or full of pressure of daily routine.


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