Monday, 26 March 2012

Who Cures Your Diseases & Illnesses?.

A medicine that is fed into the stomach is believed to have the capacity to cure the diseases or any kind of illnesses that we suffer.

This is totally absurd and unacceptable.Because the medicine [ which is blind and brainless] that has zero knwoledge of what a medicine meant to cure or address the malfunctions of the kidney can have even the slightest capacity to reach the targetted area.

Who then or how then the medicine moves to the kidney or the lungs or the pancreas where the medicine is meant to address the weakness or the deficiencies in the organs where the cure or prevention is required?.

Know that no medicines neither any doctors in this world can cure any diseases of humankind.The owner of the human being and the Creator alone knows every detail of the humanbody and itscure and prevention.

This teaches us how powerful and vast is Almighty's knowledge on every individuals health conditions and also their wellbeing more than our own knowledge about our bodies and mind.

Therefore learn how to affect the cure and medicines of the body through directed or inspired thoughts and inspirations from deep inner being.


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