Monday, 11 July 2011

Do You Have A Passport

Everyone has a passport of their respective countries , and those who dont have do not have the necessity to travel, so they dont have one.

But every human being who is alive has a passport of life , every country's passport has a date of birth and expiry date , in the passport of life there is a entry date but no expiry date. It seems something is missing and this is very important to know why there is no expiry date.

In the life of a normal muslim they do not give a slightest weight of it to think about their expiry date neither about why this important data is missing.

But in the life of a believer , the Wali of Allah , The Prophets they have one way or other received the data of their expiry date of their life in this world. And they were happy with that information and do not sometime reveal even to their wives.They have been shown the best of the life immediate after this life. They were happy  to know their expiry date and were so keen to meet up with it and were preparing to strengthen their heart and tongue to say the Last Kalimah LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.

Almighty Allah SWT revealed openly to Nabi Adam [AS] about his whole life span and this was openly informed and they took that quite pleased and were even looking for the period to move faster and reach their  final destination instead of a long wait.The arch angel announced the age to be 1,000 years.That life span passed so quick after Hawa [AS] giving birth to hundred thousands of children to spread into the entire earth.

All these information are written in your Soul and the Maqam of Sirr , you have to open your heart and soul to reach to that level of information data.


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