Monday, 26 March 2012

Standing Before Syaitan or Almighty

When you stand in prayers or any form of worship do you stand before the Almighty or before the Devil?.Almost most of the worshipper recognize that they stand before the Devil not before the Almighty Creator.

Why is that so?. Because very negligible knowledge or gnosis about Almighty the Lord and very little
consciousness about the presence of the Almighty.

If you could recognize the power of devil and discount or ignore to know the power of Almighty's omnipresence and omnipotent, then you are transgressing your ownself into knowing the Almighty and
His Unlimited Powers and Capacity.

If you say that Almighty is before you in your presence during your worships then where is Almighty Lord exactly?. As per the hadis narrated from The Holy Prophet SAW - Almighty Allah SWT is standing before yourself and the kaaba. Now , it seems like Almighty Allah SWT is sandwiched between us and kaaba.

What a little knowledge we have on Allah and we have absolute knowledge of all materials things in this world and even about the devil that we can not see but not about Almighty Allah SWT that mean so much for us in every walks of life.



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