Wednesday, 4 April 2012

From Material World to Spiritual World

Prophets , Messengers and Awliya Allahs who has passed away from this bonded physical world, has set their soul free out of the limited space of this physical body.

The fly and eject out of this physical body from this temporary world and enter into the World of Spirits, Alamul Arwah and rest themselves in the Alamul Barzakh, Another Transit place before the Real Meeting of Almighty Lord in the Day of Judgement.

While they remain in their Soul and are free to move anywhere they want in this world and the heavenly world - They attach themselves with the spirits and the Souls of those who approach Almighty Allah and surrender their hearts and Soul to Almighty Allah SWt.

They assist them in giving them strong determination and spirit in carrying out their spiritual and religious life on their onward journey to Almighty Allah SWT. They act as guides and wayfarers supporters. But their activties are very limited only to the Soul dimension without interfering much in the worldly matter, which as a fact they themselves have left and have absloute faith in Almighty Allah SWT to run and manage their Universe.

When you are in this path you will come to realize the power of the spiritual guidance given by them with the sole permission of Almighty Allah SWT, only when you seek guidance and support from Almighty Allah SWT, such soldiers, angels, prophetic spirits and messengers guidance are sent regularly to guide the seekers of the path. We have had many such experiences around the places where we have gone for seclusions. Especially in hill resorts and islands.Where they are isolatedly gathering for increasing their worships to Almighty Allah SWT.

If Shaytan the accursed is capable of travelling around the entire globe in a split second, why do you underestimate the angels, the spirits of the Messengers , The Prophets and the Friends of Almighty Allah [ Awliya Allah SWT] are not capable of doing these extraordinary feats.


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