Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wealth , Fame , Richness , Positions , Life Decorations are all made from physical and material substances.
While Peace is made from Heavenly Material and it is purely spiritual in nature. These two elements does not co-relate to each other in a single wolrd of existence and cannot be united how ever you try till eternity.

That is why the Rich and Famous people on this planet earth after having earned all that they dreamt for to achieve in their life falls into mental sickness , emotional attacks , self sabotage and many more undiscussable realities in life.They would trade anything in life to secure an ounce of Peace and a kilogram of Tranquility if they go shop them at the nearest mall or boutique.

Bill gates the founder of microsoft earned billions and yet he could not achieve peace after having saved in his own bank acount more than US 50 Billions dollars.Only after having parted with a huge savings from his pocket he found something called an effect and power of giving and sharing. yet after that hi soul is still searching for the reason his spirit and soul turns in disharmony and disturbance of internal selves.

No matter you give away all your savings, wealth and entire achievements in life to others and the poorest of the people all over the globe , if you dont find the turth of yourself and your soul, you will never achieve an eternal peace of mind and soul.You ought to know the brain and the heart you use to earn and give away all your wealth does not have power to give you the peace and tranquility.

This realization is the process in finding the path to reality and success in life and beyond this life. The Soul is the one that needs the peace , its your heart that needs the harmony and tranquility.

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