Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wisdom Behind A Drop Of Water

While drinking a single drop of water, look at how magnificiently the requirement of water has been pre arranged for the need of the body, the mineral, important content of the water that needs to keep the bodily functions smoothly.

If you are on the death bed and require a glass of water and someone offers you a million dollar or a gold bar instead of the glass water, most certainly you will go for the water and live a further live than die with a gold bar or a million dollar in your dead hand.Yoru breathless body wouldnt be able to enjoy the transient material matters no matter how much you require it, because at that juncture it is your life first that comes to your mind and importance.

A drop of water has great miracle of life and many  secrets of  life and it is an essential requirement for the body to conduct its activties smoothly.


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